About Us

Concerned Citizens Council
Vision Statement

To create and sustain a welcoming, safe and nurturing youth center at Martin Luther King, Jr. Park.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Concerned Citizens Concil's youth center project is to effect a positive difference in the lives of Grand Rapids urban youth through collaboration with other community agencies and organizations to provide resources, programs and activities to inspire, encourage, prepare and challenge youth to live as self-sufficient, productive and harmonious citizens.


A Community Crying Out

Staffed by role-modeling educators, health care professionals and qualified community volunteers, the CCC Youth Center will provide avenues for tutoring, mentoring, job training, job seeking skills, field trips, parental involvement and scholarship assistance. The Youth Center will offer leadership development, selfadvocacy, conflict resolution and substance abuse prevention. The Youth Center will be the beacon of hope for which the community cries out.

Financial Progress

We are extremely grateful for this community's generosity. But we must raise $5.5 million for construction, $1.5 million to establish a perpetual endowment, and $500,000 for appropriate furnishings and equipment.

Recognizing Generosity

As a partner in hope, you will have the opportunity to receive lasting recognition for your donation. Donation levels have been established to match various naming options. Should you choose to be recognized, please request a recognition list to determine which level of giving best suits your commitment.

On a mission of hope

The CCC Youth Center's mission is broad and deep. It will ensure the widest possible access by all youth to comprehensive educational, recreational and cultural programs.


The programming will continue to revolve around the needs of our community.

Senior Citizens

Morning coffee facilities will be available for senior citizens in the senior's break lounge.


Hope is not a given to many of our children of the southeast Grand Rapids area. Too many are born into stifling poverty, broken homes or uncertainty. Opportunity is rare. Acquiring skills is often out of reach. There is an overwhelming need for the kind of support that builds optimism, choice and a positive future. It is time to stand up and be counted. It is time to reach out to those for whom despair has become all too familiar. It is time to give of ourselves to create a lasting legacy of hope. Plans are in place for just such a demonstration of hope. The Concerned Citizens Council's (CCC) Youth Center promises to provide a safe haven for children and young adults in which growth and self-betterment are literally built right into the Center's programming.

On property provided by the City of Grand Rapids, the CCC Youth Center will span approximately 35,000 square feet and give our youth a place to gather, a place to grow and a place to challenge themselves. This beautiful facility will house an art gallery, technology lab, library, medical assistance center, activity rooms, and even a music production facility.