Proposed Features

Grand Rapids Art Center

A two-story atrium devoted to a community and youth art gallery, showcasing the works of area children and mentors. Cultural activities such as art, music, theater, dance, history, and drama will be offered.

Kids Playing Soccer

Dedicated areas for tennis, soccer, hockey and basketball with locker room facilities.

Technology Lab
Technology Lab

Workstations with complete publishing and internet capabilities. Computer training and skill enhancement classes.

Library & Media Center

Books, periodicals, audio-visual and reference materials will be available to youth for enjoyment and self-development.

Music Production Studio

Recording, editing, mixing…from creation of an idea to a finished CD.

Medical Center

A professionally staffed clinic to deal with health-related issues by one of our local world-class hospitals.

More Features

Activity Rooms

Places that lend themselves to learning, creativity, discovery…or just a birthday party.


Classroom areas will be established to encourage one-on-one or small group meetings.

Early Learning Neighborhood Collaborative

Changing the current reality of vulnerable children, one to four years old.

We welcome your input, ideas, contributions and volunteerism

based on our revolving Youth Center needs.